“My world stopped when I found out I was pregnant.” We understand that a positive on a pregnancy test can feel paralyzing. But you are not alone. We are here to help walk you through your next steps, the first of which is an ultrasound. At Ivy Women’s Center, we offer limited obstetrical ultrasounds, also known as sonograms, at no cost to you.

How Do Ultrasounds Work?

Ultrasound involves using high-frequency sound waves to reveal images of your uterus and the fetus. Your first ultrasound should be done during your first trimester to confirm your pregnancy. An ultrasound will reveal three important factors of your pregnancy:

  1. The gestational age (how far along you are)
  2. The location of the pregnancy (if it’s within your uterus or not)
  3. Verifies whether or not your body is accepting the pregnancy

Why Do I Need a Sonogram?

While a pregnancy test may indicate that you are pregnant, there is additional information that you will need before deciding what’s next.

If pregnancy is ectopic, meaning the embryo implants outside of the uterus, it will not result in a live birth. Because it can also be potentially life-threatening to the woman, it is important to identify an ectopic pregnancy as early as possible.

If you are considering an abortion, dating the pregnancy is necessary to determine what procedures are available to you.

An obstetrical ultrasound is the only way to accurately reveal the location and gestational age of the pregnancy.

Our medical staff will review the results of your ultrasound, answer any questions and provide you with the knowledge you need to make a fully informed choice about your pregnancy. A follow-up review of your ultrasound will also be done by our licensed physician.

What Should I Do After My Ultrasound?

Our staff at Ivy Women’s Center is here for you. After your positive pregnancy test and ultrasound, we will go over all of your options with you. We’ll answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have so that you will feel empowered to make your own informed pregnancy choice.

Please contact us to schedule your free and confidential ultrasound appointment.