Are you considering an abortion? If so, a consultation and abortion pre-testing with a medical professional is necessary to confirm your pregnancy and determine what procedures are available to you. At Ivy Women’s Center, we will provide you with relevant and current information about abortion as well as necessary medical testing so that you have clarity as you choose how to move forward.

Lab-Quality Pregnancy Testing

Even if you have taken a pregnancy test at home, it is still necessary to perform a lab-quality test administered by a medical professional. Our Registered Nurses provide free pregnancy testing that takes just minutes and offers the peace of mind you need.

Verifying and Dating Your Pregnancy

A positive on a pregnancy test is just the first step. A urine pregnancy test detects whether or not the pregnancy hormone (hCG) is present. With approximately 25% of pregnancies ending in natural miscarriage, verifying the location and ensuring that your body is accepting the pregnancy is vital and can only accurately be done with an ultrasound. Without all of this information, it may not be safe or even necessary to proceed with an abortive procedure.

In addition, an ultrasound will reveal the gestational age, which determines the kind of abortion procedure available to you in the state of Ohio.

Our no-cost pregnancy testing and ultrasound will give you the answers you need to take your next steps.

Getting Tested for an STD

It’s very important to know whether or not you have a sexually-transmitted disease before having an abortion. Regardless of what you choose for your pregnancy, if an STD goes undetected, it can cause negative implications on your future reproductive health. It will put you at a greater risk of contracting Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), which can cause infertility and chronic pelvic pain. As part of our pregnancy care services, we provide STD testing and treatment at no-cost to you. Ivy is committed to serving our patients today while protecting their tomorrow.

Considering Abortion?

Making a choice about your pregnancy may be difficult. At Ivy Women’s Center, we are dedicated to providing the education and resources that will empower you to make the decision that is best for you.