Your First Step Is Here

We know finding out you are pregnant can feel overwhelming, especially when it is unplanned. Ivy Women’s Center is here to help you navigate this unexpected journey. Our staff offers non-judgmental support and high-quality medical services, so you can proceed with clarity and assurance.

Free Pregnancy Verification

Nausea, mood swings, and a missed period are all symptoms commonly associated with pregnancy. But the only way to know for sure is through lab-quality testing. At Ivy Women’s Center, we offer free pregnancy testing followed up with a limited obstetrical ultrasound, all administered by licensed medical professionals. Combined, these tests will identify gestational age and assess whether or not your body is accepting the pregnancy, which will determine the options available to you.

Support You Need to Make an Empowered Choice

The choices you face with an unplanned pregnancy are tough and complex. Ivy provides the medical testing and education needed so that you can feel confident in your decision. Since we do not profit from your choice, you can be assured that you will receive unbiased and non-judgmental support. Our primary objective is to empower women to choose what is best for them. 

Abortion Education

At Ivy, we understand that in order to make the safest and best choices for you, it’s important to have all of the facts. If you are considering abortion, our free consultations provide you evidence-based education about the procedures available to you in the state of Ohio.

No Cost Services

Often, the cost for services or lack of insurance can be obstacles for women to receive the care and answers they need. At Ivy Women’s Center we want to alleviate those burdens so that you are free to focus on what’s best for you. All of our services are confidential and at no cost to you. You are also welcome to bring a friend or family member to your appointment for support.

Post-Abortion Healing

Many women are unaware of the unexpected emotions of anxiety, regret and grief they may experience following an abortion, sometimes surfacing years later. Our qualified team of advocates provides post-abortion support to help women confront and process these emotions so they may find freedom through healing. Our program is 100% confidential. No woman has to walk through this alone.

As you navigate your unplanned pregnancy, we can provide the tools, resources, support, and guidance you need to make the right choice for you. Contact us today to schedule your no-cost, confidential appointment.