What Is the Difference Between a Blood and Urine Pregnancy Test?

If you think you might be pregnant, you may wonder which type of pregnancy test is right for you.

Both blood and urine pregnancy tests are very accurate when taken correctly. Both test for the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, also referred to as hCG, which is present only during pregnancy.

While a urine pregnancy test can be conveniently purchased over the counter and taken at home, a blood pregnancy test must be ordered by a physician and the blood drawn in a qualified medical facility.

When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test?

It’s best to wait at least one week after your missed period to take a pregnancy test. This helps eliminate the risk of getting a false negative if you test before a detectable amount of hCG is present.

If you’ve already taken a test and are not confident about the result, try waiting a few days, and take the test first thing in the morning before you drink a lot of water. Or schedule a free appointment at our Women’s Center to receive a urine test at no cost.

Urine Versus Blood Test?

Urine tests are inexpensive and easy to obtain. They’re usually very accurate when taken correctly.

Blood tests can be expensive and require medical assistance and administration. Blood tests can reveal more information than a urine test, however.

The Cleveland Clinic states, “Blood tests are rarely done because they’re expensive and tend to have the same result as a urine test.” Additionally, since these tests must be reviewed in a lab for results, the results do not have a fast turnaround time like urine tests.

We Offer No-Cost Urine Pregnancy Testing

Want to confirm your at-home test results and receive the clarity you need before making your next decision? We can help!

Contact us to schedule a no-cost, confidential pregnancy testing appointment today. Our caring staff will help you review the results, and if the test is positive, will offer a no-cost ultrasound as well.

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